Getting Started

Get started with alfred ecosystem!

Welcome to alfred!

alfred offers a Last Mile Payment solution bridging the gap between Digital Currencies and Cash/Bank accounts with one powerful API. In order to integrate with our functionality, you will need an alfred account. Get started by signing up.

At alfred, we've worked hard to provide all of the tools necessary to get you up and running within a few minutes.

For a deep overview of all of alfred's endpoints see our API Methods here. Once you have a good idea of what our endpoints are capable of, it is time to integrate and build the next big thing.

Quick and Easy Integration

🚀 Check the Quick Start Guide We recommend that you read the alfred overview guide for a macro understanding of alfred APIs. It only takes a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the different API functions and calls so you can get the most out of alfred's ecosysytem.

🚀 Create a Sandbox Account and Test In order to get access to our free payments rail playground, head over to and register. Generate test keys & start tinkering with our APIs.

🚀 Request API Keys for your production account Once testing has completed, you can request Production Access. Our teams get together to ensure everything is good to go and confirm you are ready to send funds.

🚀 Go Live in Latin America! Connect to Latin America's growing digital economy with an integrated last mile payment solution!

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