alfred Overview

Overview of functionality and ways for you to connect.

Rest API

The API is a REST API that defines a set of functions so that developers can make requests and receive responses via the HTTP protocol (GET, POST and PUT). In this way, they can be used by practically any programming language. It is important to consider the following elements when calling APIs.

Product overview

alfred provides a robust suite of functionalities. This is a quick guide to introduce to our powerful APIs, so you can get to building.
PENNY API A Last Mile Payment solution bridging the gap between Digital Currencies and Cash/Bank accounts with one powerful API. Our engineered solution for instantly moving money across different platforms ranging from bank accounts, payments methods, wallets or crypto addresses. With the ability to GET, account/user information, method of payments/withdrawals, location, exchange rates, as well as instantly understand the status of all transfers, you can rest assured that you are covered from all angles.
Compliant Regulated On/Off Ramps Multiple endpoints which help partners integrate cash ramps and direct to bank pay outs providing compliant transactional services connecting digital currencies to cash/bank accounts all over Latin America.
KYC/KYB Onboarding Engine An API that offers a compliance as a service and user management system. This is the gateway that unlocks all of alfred's powerful offerings ensuring a quick and seamless integration.
Partner-Branded Checkout Widget - Beta You can offer your customers a fast and secure way to buy or withdraw cryptocurrency eliminating the need to build your own KYC process or checkout UI. Seamlessly offer compliant deposits and withdrawals with only a few lines of code.
Stable Coin Transfers and Swaps - Beta An API that enables the ability to move and convert value/assets across fiat and stable coins, specifically USDC.

To foster a better development experience for our partners, we offer a test environment in addition to production. Any transfers made in the test environment will never hit the actual testnet (blockchain network) or incur any fees.
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