Stellar API Integration - Operations

API Manual - Third party service full API Onramp/Offramp
This section describes the use of the application programming interface of the alfredpay ecosystem, specifically the Third Party Payments product, based on a SEP6 Stellar Protocol, so that it can be a reference for developers and technology teams to integrate payment processors and wallets to the alfred ecosystem.
The scope integration include:
  • ON Ramp
  • OFF Ramp
  • Globally Payout - Direct to bank


The API is a REST API that defines a set of functions so that developers can make requests and receive responses via the HTTP protocol (GET and POST)
In this way, they can be used by practically any programming language. It is important to consider the following elements when calling APIs :
Contact Head of Partnerships​
API Secret
Contact Head of Partnerships​
API Collection

On & Off Ramp Workflow:

Stellar SEP6 Workflow
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