Core Concepts & Use Cases

Core concepts to allow you to build seamlessly.

Before you begin integrating with alfred's APIs, it's important to understand some core concepts to make the building process go a lot smoother.


alfred users represent the individual users of our partners. The primary purpose of an alfred User is to ensure that KYC checks are done with the provided data on the user so that they can safely and compliantly use our services. alfred Users contain KYC information, helping our partners understand if the user can compliantly use specific services.


On the alfred platform, funds move through our transfers. We view transfers as the bridge connecting you to LATAM's growing digital economy and providing access to your user's. Transfers can do a variety of things including:

  • move fiat between different wallets, users, and partner accounts

  • move fiat between the alfred platform and bank accounts

  • move crypto between different wallets, users, and partner accounts

  • move crypto between the alfred platform and external crypto addresses

  • exchange between different cryptocurrency pairs within the same user/wallet/account

  • exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat within the same user/wallet/account


    "statusCode": 202,
    "data": {
        "statusCode": 202,
        "message": "list invoice/transaction",
        "data": {
            "data": [
                    "id": "6c0beea3-cba8-xxxxx-a6a5-bdb526e990c1",
                    "status_webview": "completed",
                    "estatus_invoice": "pending",
                    "start_time": "2023-09-XXXT09:10:10.656Z",
                    "end_time": "2023-09-XXXT09:10:10.656Z",
                    "balance": "100XXX.00000000",
                    "currency": "USDC",
                    "user": "2XXX6",
                    "expire_invoice": false,
                    "walletpay": "GS%^&XXXYUUU",
                    "memo": "tZzfvBiXwHWeXXXXZN9gWx9vwMUqsf2q",
                    "network": "stellar",
                    "chain": "stellar",
                    "type": "out",
                    "method": {
                        "id": "5f9b8987-0051-45fa-bcd4-6d7848ade94d",
                        "transaction": "698ca28e-25b3-4b86-baca-6497b3eca9e4",
                        "user": "26",
                        "kyc": "true",
                        "country_withdraw": "GTM",
                        "cashout": "BANK",
                        "cash_amount": "20.00",
                        "currency_pay": "GTQ",
                        "rate": "7.85",
                        "status": "pending",
                        "time_estimate_payout": "68000",
                        "time_payout": "",
                        "commission": "0",
                        "KYB": true,
                        "date": "2023-09-25T09:10:10.650Z"

Use Cases:

With so much functionality, it can be hard to determine the best way for you to leverage alfred's technology to connect your user's to cash or allow them to purchase/liquidate digital currencies to their bank accounts. Many crypto apps utilize our APIs and tools to connect and power their expansion into Latin America. Integrating with our toolset will put you on the same playing field as the world's leading crypto platforms.

Alfred API:

Our engineered solution for instantly moving money, bridging the gap between Digital Currencies and Cash/Bank accounts with one powerful API. Move money across different bank accounts, payments methods, wallets, or crypto addresses. With the ability to GET, account/user information, method of payments/withdrawals, location, exchange rates, as well as instantly understand the status of all transfers, LATAM's connection to cash is taken care of.

ON Ramp:

alfred ON Ramp allows your users to purchase digital assets with local currency in supported countries and payment methods.

OFF Ramp:

alfred OFF Ramp allows your users to sell digital assets for local currency in supported countries and payment methods.

Our payment rails solution allows users to buy or sell digital assets in a simple, secure, and efficient way. Connect to their bank account or allow them to cash out at one of our Retail/ATM locations across LATAM.

Checkout Widget:

With our Widget, integrate a supported IFrame onto your app or web platform giving you a plug and play solution to all of our supported capabilities and geographies. Eliminate the need to build your own KYC process or checkout UI. Seamlessly offer compliant deposits and withdrawals with only a few lines of code.

KYC/KYB Compliant Services:

An API that offers a compliance as a service and user management system. This is the gateway that unlocks all of alfred's powerful offerings ensuring a quick and seamless integration.

Swaps - Beta

Using our swap feature, introduce functionality to offer a quick and easy method to exchange one crypto asset for another, either in full or small amounts. An API that enables the ability to move and convert value/assets across fiat and stable coins, specifically USDC.

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