KYC Full

Send document of the user to undergo KYC Full.


This endpoint is tailored to facilitate a comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) verification by allowing users to upload their essential documents. A full KYC verification is imperative for enhanced security and regulatory compliance.





PUT /third-party-service/kyc/upload-document

Send user of wallet to undergo KYC lite and sign in/up.


Request Body

    "statusCode": 202,
    "message": "upload KYC full successful"

Form Data:

For KYC Full we need three documents. First parameter, would be idCardFront, then idCardBack, and finally a selfie of the individual to complete the full KYC process.


The end point must execute three once per type of document, the authorization is the access token and can get it from kyc lite /login-sof-kyc

The archive only accepts binary archives and does not accept buffers, base64, or anything other than a binary archive. Permitted archives include JPG and PNG. Value docType can be idCardFront, idCardBack, and selfie.

Specific Information regarding KYC Documents by country can be found here.

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