Request and Collect your Client IDs and Keys

Get your alfred Sandbox Account

We only need a bit of information for you to start experimenting with our APIs. First, you need to create sandbox account, which gives you access to our free payments rail playground. Head over to and register by filling out our quick form.

Introduction Call

That form will give our head of partnerships some introduction information in order for him to be prepared for your first integration meeting. We confirm your use case and how our solution specialists can be there every step of the way until we successfully reach the finish line. Our team is here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have during your integration process.

Generate Client ID & Secret

You need your ClientId and secret before you can start using the alfred products and running API calls. Once you get your ClientId and Secret by getting in contact with our head of partnerships, you receive sandbox credentials through email. You sign in with a temporary password, create and confirm your accounts official password, and enter the sandbox environment. Once you get into your sandbox, you can retrieve your Client ID & Secret and start integrating!

Environment Authentication - Variables & Headers

In order for you to authenticate your calls, set up the environment with the correct variables. Check out how to set up environments in Postman.

In the table below are the environment variable names you'll need to have to be able to utilize our APIs. The variable names are case sensitive.




Generated in your Sandbox account


Generated in your Sandbox account

**authorization key

**Access token obtained from the KYC Lite process

Post Authentication

Now that you're ready, let's get you rockin' and rolling.

The best place to start is by downloading our Postman Collection. It covers all our available endpoints for all our API products. Once downloaded you only need to update the variables above with your own client id and secret and you are good to go.

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