Submit Transaction

Create a transaction, withdrawal, and invoice during pending status


This endpoint is designed to create a transaction, withdrawal, and invoice with a status set to pending. It initiates the transaction process and ensures that all the relevant details are captured accurately.





POST /third-party-service/submit-transaction

Create a transaction, withdrawal, and invoice during pending status


Request Body

  "statusCode": 202,
  "message": "master transaction webview",
  "data": {
    "id": "fcc47165-b296-4545-8576-e3c4dfeeb8a4",
    "invoice": {
      "id": "888c3fb7-f2fb-46a8-bbcd-89a799c3f1e2"


After creating a transaction using this endpoint, it's essential to subsequently consult the invoice using the designated API endpoint. Once the invoice is approved, the transaction and withdrawal processes are activated.

IF withdrawal method is through an ATM partner, a QR code will be provided and sent to the individual's "withdrawlPhone"

"Pay Out" - Liquidation process is solidified in our partnerships meetings ensuring we offer a solution that fits your specific needs.

"Pay In" - Depending on the country of the requested transaction the user will receive the following response:

  • Brazil - QR Code - when a bank is registered the PIX number as well as the CPF must be identified in order to complete a transaction. The result of the transaction produces a QR code which will be scanned by a PIX account in order to complete the transaction.

  • Argentina - CVU/CBU account - When a bank is registered they must confirm the (DNI) identification document of the individual requesting a transaction as well as confirm their CVU/CBU account. Alfred will display a CVU where the deposit will take place, which will have to come from a CVU/CBU already registered in Alfred pay.

  • Mexico - 'CLABE' account - CLABE account must be verified with their respective identification documents, transaction produces a reference number which will allow you to identify and complete your transaction.

Learn more at: Standard Account Information by Country

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